Our Story


Confetil is a family-owned business, located in the north of Portugal, provides end-to-end services to produce high-quality textiles and garments, from raw material sourcing to finish product delivery.

It exports ready-made fashion products worldwide, providing quality, versatility, innovation, design, development and, reliable and sustainable services.

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Started off as a textile agency – Eurextil – working as intermediaries between international brands and Portuguese clothing manufacturers, intervening directly in the buying and selling process, providing a service which adapted to the requirements and standards of each client.

"Swinging London" fashions on Carnaby Street, 1966. The National Archives (United Kingdom).

Confetil – Confecções Têxteis, a knitting and sewing company was founded in 1972 in response to the growing needs of the expanding and evolving market.

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With the industry developing and at an unprecedented speed in the eighties, the industrial group felt the need to expand. Investing in an integrated vertical production – from weaving to dyeing, printing and finishing to tailoring, never losing sight the groups’ key factor of success: sales team and customer care.

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Fusion of Eurextil (commercial agency) and Confetil (industrial unit) in the same location as a joint company, keeping the dynamism and flexibility that always characterized the group, defining it as a strong player in the textile and clothing sector on a global scale.

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Due to the millennium challenges of the textile and apparel industries, strategic shifts were done in order to adapt the company to a more versatile and faster virtual vertical model. Connecting innovators thus building strategic partnerships, ensured that the company had a reliable and cost-effective supply chain that met the clients’ standards.

In compliance with the rising quality policy demands, a well-equipped in-house Quality Control Laboratory was created, allowing to test fabrics and garments and, guarantee the quality and durability standards established by the most demanding markets.

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Expansion of the Design and Development Team, that creates and develops new products, designs and graphics with exclusive prints, searches for new materials, techniques and finishes, staying up-to-date with the latest trends and styles.

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Todays’ fashion is more than just creating an identity and personal expression, it is about transparency, technological innovation as well as ethical, social and environmental sustainability. Commitment to sustainability is no longer an option, but a basic principle. That’s why it is placed at the heart of the strategy, with the aim of minimizing negative environmental and social impacts while ensuring long-term economic viability.

Increase in efficiency and competitiveness due to the continuous process optimization and digitalization, allowing a smarter connection between all different players of the supply chain.

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Our Mission and Vision

Confetil aims to develop textiles of excellence, meeting market expectations, using solid processes, anchored in experience, innovation and involvement of all stakeholders. Acts responsibly, respecting the environment, people and society, contributing positively in the local community.

To be a reference in the textile industry by providing a vertical service of excellence, transforming any idea into a high-quality fashion product.