Commercial Team

Is the primary point of contact, daily follow-up and communication with the client, ensuring that their needs are met, providing guidance and support when needed.

The commercial team works closely with the production and sourcing teams to ensure that the company’s products are produced and delivered efficiently and effectively, ensuring a service of excellence.

Design and Development Team

Creates and develops new products, designs and graphics with
exclusive prints, searches for new materials, techniques and finishes, staying up-to-date with the latest trends and styles, always in an efficiently and cost-effectively perspective.

Pattern Team

Is responsible for creating and developing the patterns and cutting plans, which guarantee high levels of manufacturing quality, together with a strict quality control system. Working closely with the design team and with Clo 3D Software Pattern System, it ensures that the patterns meet the design specifications, fit and function properly.  

3D Modelling Prototyping Team

With the 3D Modelling Prototyping System aesthetics, functionality and sustainability are aligned. 3D is a great tool for streamlining the creation and development process as it is possible to visualize different models with different patterns in a few hours, even without making a prototype, saving time and material consumptions, keeping Confetil at the forefront of innovation.

Sourcing Team

Connects innovators in order to ensure the excellence of the vertical service provided by the company. It is responsible for identifying and procuring raw materials, components, trims and services needed for the manufacturing process.
Identifying and selecting suppliers, the sourcing team ensures that the company has a reliable and cost-effective supply chain that meets the quality and sustainability standards of the company and its clients.

Sample Development Team

Creates initial product prototypes and samples based on design specifications and technical drawings whilst collaborating to refine product designs and specifications as needed. The sampling room is equipped with the latest technology and machinery as well as, a versatile team of high qualified sewers capable of developing all kind of products. From prototypes, to salesman samples to pre-production samples, the sample room has a flexible capacity to respond to required needs.

Sustainability Team

Commitment to sustainability is no longer an option, but a basic principle. That is why it is placed it at the heart of the strategy, ensuring that all the company’s operations are environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable.

All suppliers and subcontractors are subject to a continuous evaluation, respecting the rigorous quality and environment policies under the system of management, creation, development and production of garments. Besides, the team works to implement client´s policies and practices promoting sustainability throughout the company’s supply chain and is always open to client’s audits.